Welcome to Prosperity

A full college campus, several medical facilities and the largest industrial workforce per capita in North Dakota give Wahpeton a wide variety of business clientele and business opportunities.

Downtown Diversity

The diversity within the community creates a vibrant mix customers ranging from young to old. When compared to other towns of its size, Wahpeton hosts a much larger array of businesses.  Citizen-owned shops line downtown and spread throughout the community, thriving next to larger franchises like JC Penny and WalMart.

A Community with Convenience

Another reason for business diversity is the location of Wahpeton.  Fargo is the nearest major city and it’s 45 minutes away.  Consumers from Wahpeton, Breckenridge and the rest of Richland County benefit the convenience of shopping in Wahpeton.

Wahpeton is a small community with the prosperity, amenities and diversity to rival any larger city in the state of North Dakota. When community, convenience and variety matter, people choose Wahpeton.