Welcome to North Dakota’s Most Industrialized Region

If you saw what we see, you’d know why we work here. 

The upper Midwest is known for its strong work ethic. Nowhere is that reputation reinforced more than Wahpeton. We embrace our blue collar heritage knowing that our quality of life is equal to the quality of our work.

Click on one of the videos below to experience our quality of work:

Thriving Industry

Each day, over 1000 people commute to Wahpeton. The stability of our industries draws people from all over the Red River Valley. Below are just a few of the local companies that value hard-working North Dakotans.

  • Bobcat
  • Cargill
  • ComDel Innovation
  • Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative
  • WCCO Belting
  • Wil-Rich
  • Giants
  • Masonite

Built for Tomorrow

Our job market continues to provide growth for the City of Wahpeton. Our strong manufacturing sector creates a backbone for our other industries to flourish. Other large employers are North Dakota State College of Science, PrimeWood and Comstock Construction. The balance of small manufacturers, retail, medical, financial and service businesses provide additional employment opportunities.

For more information on great jobs in the Wahpeton area, click here.